Today, Mar 12th 2022, Great News, The world’ first wireless mini washing machine goes into production in GEZHE’ own factory. It is a fully automatic mini washing machine with a dimension with 206mm*206mm*244mm.

What is the top advantage of our first mini washing machine?

  1. Small size, easy to store and easy to use
  2. Powerful motor, built-in large pulsator, efficient forward and reverse cleaning
  3. Rechargeable, built-in large-capacity battery, to meet five times of efficient cleaning
  4. Wireless use, get rid of the trouble of wire restraint, and it is more convenient to clean anywhere
  5. Rear drainage system, drainage is easier and faster
  6. Anti-spray body, can be used synchronously in the bathroom
  7. Equipped with special sterilizing laundry liquid, the cleaning effect is better
  8. Ultraviolet light inhibits bacteria, inhibits bacterial growth, and avoids cross infection

Gezhe Mini Washing Machine Wireless Laundry Machine is specially designed for cleaning small clothes, such as underwear, underpants, baby clothes, socks, towel, pet clothes, yoga wear, gym suit, etc.

Our main market will be travel, outdoor, mother&baby,  students’ hostel, Single Apartment, etc.

And it is quite ECO friendly with saving water and also the electricity. 

It will definitly be another hot selling items.

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